One View of Mindfulness

Just as computers left in sleep mode signal occasional blips of malfunction, so too, the consequences of living with divided attention carry hidden costs –spiraling anxiety, disrupted sleep, poor eating habits, emotional burnout. Just as turning off a computer can offer a vital reboot, so too, learning to quiet the mind –can afford an amazing respite from undue anxiety and despair. … More One View of Mindfulness

How to Breathe

You may ask yourself, if I didn’t already know how to breathe, I surely wouldn’t be alive to read this blog post, would I?  But what many of us don’t think about is that the way we breathe can have profound effects on our levels of stress and anxiety.  Short, shallow, rapid breathing may give … More How to Breathe

Meditation has Benefits for Physical and Mental Health

Are you suffering from worries, stress, racing thoughts? Do you struggle with irritable bowel syndrome, or pain that keeps you awake at night? The deep relaxation you can experience with meditation can even lower blood pressure, increase fertility, and boost the immune system. You may want to read this online article about the 7 benefits … More Meditation has Benefits for Physical and Mental Health