Internal Critic? Or Internal Guide?

nate_prentice2 Here’s a recent blog post by Nate Prentice, LCSW, a psychotherapist and pastoral counselor.

Vantage Point Therapy




You are worthless.

You can’t accomplish anything.

Nobody wants you.

You have nothing to offer anyone.

Have you ever had these thoughts? Everyone does at some point in their lives. For people who come to see me for therapy, sometimes they even say that these thoughts are like their best friend, always present.

These thoughts are deadly, however.   Many of my clients who are suicidal deal with the stress that comes from an unrelenting barrage of these thoughts.

But where  do these thoughts come from? We know that we have to experience them, but sometimes we don’t know why why they show up like this, especially when there is ample evidence to the contrary of what they say.

One thing I know about in life when it comes to feelings is that all feelings are about five things.

Basically, do I feel safe and comfortable?, or, do…

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