43 What?

Our therapist Nate Prentice has a good idea for beating the procrastination habit.

Vantage Point Therapy

Anxiety oftentimes comes from procrastination.  Sometimes it is hard to deal with anxiety by just changing thoughts alone.  Sometimes the best way is to act on the required behavior and suspend judgment about the feelings and thoughts that come from acting on the behavior until you can see that things are improving and your emotions and mind settle down with progress made.

Anxiety from procrastination comes from thinking that the pile of bills, papers, to do lists, etc. on your desk are waiting for you and stalking you, ready to fall on you and smother you.  The anxiety moves into freezing as part of the flight/fight response, and no positive behavior results, only procrastination.

Then the anxiety becomes worse by looking at all kinds of things to study to organize your life.  Getting Things Done, a system for organizing productivity, has a few good points, most notably the…

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