Genetic Testing Can Guide Psychiatrists in Choosing Medications

Psych Choices of the Delaware Valley now offers pharmacogenetic testing

 Personalized Medicine

     Psych Choices physicians and nurse practitioners can now order a special test to help determine the best medication for you.  Personalized medicine draws upon the fact that every patient is a unique individual. This individuality is written into our genes, and can influence the efficacy of medications, influence the development of serious drug side-effects, and increase the risk for drug-to-drug interactions. Pharmacogenetic tests like AssureRx’s GeneSightRx®may help physicians prescribe appropriate therapies for their patients by accounting for their individual genetic differences. 


GeneSightRx is a laboratory- developed genetic test that uses state-of-the-art technology to measure and analyze clinically important genetic variants in psychiatric medicine. The results of the report can help a doctor understand the way a patient’s unique genetic makeup may affect how certain psychiatric drugs work. The analysis is based on pharmacogenetics, FDA-approved manufacturer’s drug labels, scientifically valid published reports, and proven pharmacology. Quick turnaround time, combined with a customized report of the patient’s genetic makeup, clinical experience, and other factors can help a physician make personalized drug treatment choices for each individual patient.

 About AssureRx Health, Inc.

AssureRx Health, Inc. is a personalized medicine company that specializes in pharmacogenetics and is dedicated to helping physicians determine the right drug and manage side-effects for individual patients suffering from various medical conditions. Learn more at



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